Devon's ghost.
Type Sapient/Sentient spirit
Origin Deceased being
Notable Members none
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Creator N/A


Size and shape all depend on the person, however all ghosts will have a 'washed out' appearance. Species with colours will appear faded and will be translucent to the world around them. Eyes are pure white and glow. If the person has suffered any wounds that led to their death, the ghost will bear those but any blood is just ectoplasm that disintegrations if touched by a living being or leaves the ghost's body.


A ghost's behaviour is determined by the person's personality in their previous life. Some are malicious and will haunt living beings while others will aid loved ones or other people. Ghost's can not talk to people, however fellow ghosts can communicate with each other.


When a being that posses a soul, whether sapient or sentient, dies, their spirit leaves their body to become a ghost.


Appear everywhere, however most ghosts will wander where they used to live.

In MortalityEdit


Their exists no heaven and no hell in the world of Solum. Every single being hangs in 'limbo'; a neutral place that is neither good nor bad.




Can be hostile or friendly depending on the person.

Viprel MutesEdit

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Being that viprel mutes are lenient of them, ghosts have been known to fend off viprel mutes if a loved one is being attacked. 

Notable ghostsEdit